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On Cuba

On Cuba - Jean-Paul Sartre In 1960, one year after Cuban revolution, Sartre visited this country and wrote this book and published it first in France Soir newspaper. The first chapters are a brief history of colonialism of Cuba by countries like Spain and then United States and explain how sugar cane was in fact the real reason of misery of this country.

I must admit I like Sartre in nonfiction even more, especially in the last chapters he is wonderfully describing Fidel Castro's , the Prime Minister, personality that how a young lawyer was able to do everything and could learn to manage the crisis after revolution, the places that they visited and his behavior with people and farmers and his speeches. He amazingly admires him. He even says that he has a few real friends in his life and one of them is Fidel Castro!

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing Sartre's political view points and then history of Cuban revolution. It's worth reading!