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The Blind Assassin

The Blind Assassin - Margaret Atwood The blind Assassin. Who is the blind assassin? Let me write a few words about the title itself. A blind person who kills somebody? A killer who kills people blindly? A mercenary??! Or maybe someone who prepares the death of her/his beloveds by her/his neglection?

Neglection can kill like a knife in your soul…

You have to make yourself ready for a novel which is not going to reveal itself until the last chapters. You're going to be confused a little and make assumptions and conclusions. A dream inside a dream, inside another dream…

The prose is wonderful. Not something that takes effort to read. Something creative, simple and beautiful. This one was the second book which I read by Atwood (I read The Handmaid's Tale first) and I must admit I loved it more. It resonated with me, made me excited and then cry.

The story is about two young sisters; Iris and Laura in the middle of 20th century, living in a small town in Canada. So we have war, communism and economic recession ahead. The story is narrated by 83 Iris, the older sister. And since every thing will be cleared at the end of the story, you have to analyze the personality of each characters yourself after you finish it.

Spoilers ahead

I am not sure with which of these characters I'm going to empathize. Laura, our innocent character?! She's more likely to be someone coming from the generation of her mother and grandmother who devoted their whole life to the good and charitable actions. She is the one who thinks she is responsible for making a change in Alex Thomas, a former student of theology who lost his faith in god and became a communist. Does she love him?! Yes, she does. But in her own pure and heavenly way.

And then Iris?! Our more likely realistic character. She is smart. She knows that if she had sacrificed herself once and had a bitter marriage doesn't mean that she can't love again. Love only once in your life with all your heart and live the rest with memories. Maybe she just played badly as an older sister?!